Initiation Teacher Training

Interested in becoming a Qoya teacher?

I’m leading the second step of the Qoya Teacher Training program, the Initiation in March 2018.

After you’ve covered the basics of Qoya and starting your own home practice in the Intro to Qoya online course, your next step is attending the Initiation, where I’ll lead you through how to teach a Qoya class to others. During this training, you will practice leading others and feel empowered to start sharing Qoya with your friends and family.

This training is fantastic for strengthening your Qoya home practice, supporting you in sharing the gift of Qoya movement with others, and also preparing you for the final level of teacher training, the Intensive, if you feel called to become a Certified Qoya Teacher and share classes with the general public.

The training will be held in a light-drenched space in Brooklyn, New York where we’ll get cozy in the late winter/early spring and spend a weekend going deeper into Qoya movements and philosophies.


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